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Altruism Burns Brightly in our Mentors

Hey SYEVF community!

The main focus of my past few weeks has been the recruitment phase of our program. It has been successful in stimulating the interest in the college community and in getting them to come all the way to San Ysidro for the interview, mentor, and LEGO robotics orientation process. What I want to relate to everyone who reads this is that there is a strong altruistic emotion that runs through all of our mentors. Between Gina and myself we have interviewed each of the 26 potential mentors and all  have shown an interest in giving back to the community that many of them grew up in.

During our LEGO orientation,  I watched as they worked in groups together, laughing at the mistakes and successes they experienced during the process of learning how to make their robots move around obstacles. It wasn’t so long ago that these future mentors were elementary students themselves, so they have the ability to relate to our students on deeper level. During our trainings,  we learned that many of them have career plans of working with children, specifically first generation, low-income student populations which is why they are excited to get the opportunity to earn that experience with SYEVF.

I will end this update with an illustration of some of our mentors and how despite their different walks of life,  they have the same view of giving back to the community that unifies them all under the SYEVF banner. Samantha is a girl from a small community in Northern California who is interested in counseling, and has never been to San Ysidro before but is excited in experiencing the history and culture it has to offer. Jessica was born and raised in San Ysidro and wants to be a elementary school counselor. She has personally gone through afterschool programs and wants to make sure that her mentees learn something new every time they meet. And  SoYeon, who comes from South Korea.  She was a musical composer for years, until she decided to change completely her life path and moved to San Diego to pursue a career path of counseling troubled youth.

We have great mentors lined up for our students. These are men and women who are passionate about serving as role models for our students and have a variety perspectives of the world that will be  imperative in opening the minds of our children to the world that lies outside of San Ysidro and how they can use education as a way to go out and see it. Thank you for taking the time to read my update!


Victor E Sanchez

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