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ONE Year with SYEVF!

Hello SYEVF members and community, this is Jonathan, and I’m here to tell you that learning is for everyone! I’ve been with the SYEVF team for 1 year now as a mentor and I’m excited to tell you some important things I have learned.

Being a mentor at SYEVF is a fun and rewarding experience for both mentors and mentees. Many children come into this program knowing nothing about Lego Robotics, and that’s okay! Us mentors teach these children how to use these Robots in a pace that is convenient for every individual child. Not only this, but because we have many newcomers, the children have the opportunity to make many friends by working on new fun projects together! As mentors help guide and support mentees throughout the whole process, mentors discover the priceless rewards of seeing a child smile and laugh with excitement at the completion of a finished project.

Personally, this program has helped me get closer to my dream of becoming a teacher. I’ve always held the fundamental thought that children are our future,and that we must invest in our future to make this world a better place. Our generation of children today have such great hidden potential, and it’s up to us to help them discover it.

Throughout this year, it’s been a pleasure volunteering at SYEVF and I plan to keep mentoring these amazing children at SYEVF for as long as I can! SYEVF is always looking for more mentors and helpers, so if you are interested in helping children, or investing in our future, please look into the SYEVF website to discover how you can help!

Happy One Year to me at SYEVF! The greatest program and greatest staff ever! Thank you for having me!



Jonathan Carbajal


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