Mentoring is about presenting the world to the curious minds of children and opening the doors to unlimited potential. Mentoring is a mutually beneficial relationship that provides growth and discovery for both the mentor and a child who is looking for guidance, support and positive encouragement. The SYEVF Mentor Program is more than helping a child to understand a school subject. At its core, mentoring is about helping children discover themselves and their place in this world. Mentoring is about shaping the future.


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The SYEVF mentoring program provides mentoring & tutoring for the children of South San Diego. SYEVF provides weekly classes in LEGO robotics while receiving support from caring volunteers that fosters trust, creates self-confidence and encourages them to aspire to their dreams. In addition to in-class instruction, students participate in annual First LEGO League competitions along with the support of mentors and families.

Our goal is to assist the children who participate in the mentoring program to improve academically in math and science and broaden their knowledge of future career paths while learning about teamwork and social responsibility.

SYEVF is always seeking partnerships with community organizations and businesses. We are currently working with several elementary schools in Chula Vista and the YMCA Border View in addition to our FLL Robotics classes. Special thanks to General Motors, The Shamrock Group and Tesoro Veterans Group for their ongoing support!

We welcome anyone interested in becoming a mentor to contact us about volunteering as our organization expands to meet the needs of the community.

Accordin to the US Census, San Ysidro ranks highest in numbers of English Language Learners in the state of California and the county of San Diego; nearly 90% of the 5,500 children who attend its schools are learning English compared to 46% in San Diego County and 51% in the state of California. Additionally, 86% of the districts enrolled children are eligible for the free and reduced lunch program, which ranks as one of the highest rates in San Diego County and the entire state.

Approximately 47 percent of residents 25 or older do not have a high school diploma, compared to less than 15 percent citywide and countywide. Of those, 28.1% have less than a 9th Grade education. Understandably, residents also have a low college attainment level, with 17 percent having a college degree, compared to 48 percent citywide and 42 % countywide. Without additional exposure to education, these children will not be exposed to the academic rigor needed for academic success.

SYEVF has financial (GAAP) and operational procedures in place to ensure that funds are utilized for the intent and purpose that funds are received. Through charitable donations, both large and small, corporate sponsorships and grants, SYEVF continues to grow and have an impact on the children of the San Ysidro community.

We are grateful for every charitable donations such as those that come from organizations and individual donors, such as yourself!

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