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Safe Travels Victor

Hello SYEVF supporters, fans, and avid Robotic enthusiasts, this is Victor checking in a few hours before my flight to Tbilisi, Republic of Georgia! Be sure to check our Facebook page as I will post some pictures of my adventure.  This past week has been amazing!  We have focused our energy on searching for new partnerships to to expand our program so we can inspire more students to pursue higher education and be stakeholders in San Diego’s bright STEAM future. To that end, we are working on organizing the first all-girl LEGO robotics team in San Ysidro!

Our next task is to recruit more mentors from our local community, universities and colleges to meet the need of this expansion.  Mentors are critical to the learning experience!   Look for more on this from Gina it the next SYEVF blog.

As supporters of SYEVF,  I encourage you all to recommend potential partners and volunteers  who may be interested in bringing exciting educational opportunities to the youth across South County San Diego.The potential of being a part of the organization to do so leaves me with a feeling of great expectations to come when I return.

See you then!


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