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Spirit of Creativity

Hello from the SYEVF classroom!  We have emerged from Spring Break robotic camps and I can attest to the energy and reinvigoration I feel towards seeing our students learn the basics of how a little machine works and taking it a step further by adapting the principles to fit a vision they have. It is the spirit of creativity that must be nurtured in all youth, it is that same spirit that manifested itself in so many great minds. Its hard to not be excited when you see the delight in a child’s eye when they accomplish a task, get their team to navigate out a maze utilizing an ultrasonic sensor, or to develop a prototype that uses their motors to move “arms” to make their robot crawl over obstacles just by modifying a principle they learned.


Over the Spring break we saw groups of students come closer together to work towards a common goal, where they began as rowdy students they became a focused group of engineers, troubleshooting and testing hypotheses to accomplish a daily task. That spirit of creativity would not be as effective without collaboration to strengthen it, many of our students volunteered themselves to go around to the other groups and teach them how to program a particular tricky set of programming to get them at the same pace as the rest of the class. That simple action of selflessness bolds well for our future generation of scholars, that they are willing to help their fellow peers to further themselves. If we can continue to foster this spirit I am confident in the brightness of the future of South County students, there is so much talent and creativity here to harness, which highlights the importance of programs such as our own to bring increasingly diverse educational programs to this region.


Will continue to keep you all posted!


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