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Unlocking the Hidden Potential in Every Child

As I write this to you, I am feeling so many powerful emotions about the beginning of this school semester. We have had an amazing turnout in our mentor recruitment and have interviewed some of the most altruistic individuals San Diego has to offer.  I am excited about the potential each of them will bring to bear for SYEVF’s Mentoring Program.  Yet I am nervous. It is the same kind of nervousness I felt when I was about to be called up to the wrestling ring during my high school years. The adrenaline that a pivotal moment is upon me has always spurred me to perform my best, and it is this same energy I feel now, a few days out from mentor orientation day that has me so restless for the day to be here already so we can begin bringing a positive influence to the lives of the children of San Ysidro.

As I observed our students this summer during the free LEGO robotics classes hosted at Outlets at the Border, I was amazed at the innate potential in these children. Amazed at how quickly they grasped the concept of building their own robots and even customized the ideas to their own personal style.  One student in particular was dead-set on making a motorcycle! It is this hidden potential that we encourage through our mentoring program.  It is for this reason I am nervous and excited about the beginning of a new year.

Please email me if you are interested in joining us, either as a mentor or a community partner, in our mission to encourage, promote and improve the social development and education of the children in San Ysidro.  We welcome your suggestions!



Victor E Sanchez
Program Manager
San Ysidro Education Vanguard Foundation

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