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Welcome to our new website! And blog!

Welcome to our new web page! And our very own blog! It is such a pleasure to share with you some of the wonderful things, even in difficult realities, that take place at the San Ysidro Education Foundation. First let me share with you what we do:

  • After School Mentoring Program
  • Book Club
  • Science Night for Students and Families
  • Raise funds and awareness of the student’s needs in the school district.
  • Field Trips

Yes, it is wonderful to see them working on projects in class and hear them ask questions increasingly insightful as the school year progresses. And yes, it is wonderful to see them come in with behavioral issues like aggression and see  them develop new behaviors that will make them better citizens of the world.

My favorite, of course are the field trips. Just in the last month or so, I have had the opportunity to participate in a trip to the San Diego Air and Space museum and The San Diego Museum of Art. My reason for this is simple. I get to see the joy on the kid’s faces when they experience something new for the first time. I get to be there when they see a famous painting for the first time or watch them as they stand glued in front of an exhibit of the space shuttle and talk about being an astronaut. It is a gift to see them imagine greater things for themselves.

You see, many of the kids in our program have not been to Balboa Park or taken in a baseball game. I am told that some have not ever been to the beach even though they live so close to it. I say this, not in search of pity but as a reason for giving of your time and resources. They need our help to achieve their fullest potential. So next time you are at Balboa Park or at the beach, remember that there are a bunch of kids that would love to experience that as well and that you have the power to make it happen.


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